Launched in August 2022 by two sets of sisters, the vision for this community has been to connect like-minded women surfers around the Gower. Gower Women's Surf Society strives to build an inclusive surf community and encourage a sense of fun and playfulness around the water. 

"...you are providing a safe space for people to try surfing out
and have fun rather than there being pressure - thanks!" 

We understand that learning to surf is hard and showing up at a break to surf by yourself can be even harder. We've been there! By building a community, we now have a growing network of women surfers who can draw on each other for knowledge, company and support.

In the first three months of running the society, we managed to introduce nearly 100 women to surfing by hosting Beginner surf lessons with Progress Surf School. We also host Progressor and Intermediate lessons, with the hope to also offer Advanced coaching in future. You can find out more about lessons here

"It is hard to make friends in the water sometimes so having a great community like this is amazing. It means people are more likely to go surfing and enjoy being outside so thank you!" 

Behind the scenes

Community lead and Co-Founder Tirion is a PhD researcher at Cardiff University where she's conducting a study on women's surfing in Wales. Her research is interested in ideas around winter wellbeing, nature connection and mindfulness. She spends much of her time helping in educational settings - leading seminars and delivering talks, such as 'Blue Health' workshops for TYF Adventure's Guide Training Programme. 

Outside her studies, she is a passionate photographer and graphic designer. She likes to keep fit by spending her summers working as a beach lifeguard for the RNLI Swansea. You can catch her on Shaka Surf's 'Ocean Woman' podcast, here.

@eilirhaf // @eilirhafphotography

Interested in volunteering?

The growth of this community has been made possible by a number of generous and helpful individuals and businesses who have offered their time, skills and resources to help. The club is run voluntarily by Tirion along with some generous helping hands - notably Jess, Lauren, Joy, Sophie and Sarah. There are loads of opportunities to get involved - from helping out at events, photography, administrative support, accounting, research, business collaborations and more. If you're interested in offering your skills for 2024 please email gowerwomensurf@gmail.com!

For volunteering, business or collaboration enquiries, please email gowerwomensurf@gmail.com.