Share your story!

We would love to hear from the Gower Women's community if you have a story or message you'd like to share. Your words will be published on the Gower Women's Surf Society website and may be shared across social media if you so wish. 
Diverse representation in surfing is vital.

We are striving to amplify the voices of women / non-binary surfers in South Wales. Some ideas for blogs might be around overcoming an injury, the role of community for you, how you find motivation to get outdoors in winter, motherhood and surfing, a piece of kit that changed your surfing experience, what top tips have helped you most in surfing, how surfing helps your mental health - the possibilities are endless! 

If you have a story you'd like to share please complete the following form.
Some general guidance: 
  • Keep to around 500 words
  • We can help proof but try to proof read as best you can 
  • Include a (relevant) photo if possible! 
  • Try to refrain from personal vents / profanities / or 'TMI'
  • It may take us about a week to process your blog, we will let you know when we have